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Enjoy cool, clean air while saving money

Using quality Rheem products, we install and service dependable, high-efficiency cooling systems that reduce your environmental footprint and save you money.


Rheem Classic Series Single Stage

Boasting a 13 SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), this unit will keep your home cool and comfortable by returning your investment in energy cost savings.


Economizer, Air Handling & Air Conditioning Procedures

Our comprehensive air system installation and maintenance service includes numerous steps to ensure safety and performance.

For Economizer Equipment

  • Check and confirm accuracy of enthalpy and high-limit controls
  • Measure and confirm proper economizer control voltage
  • Balance and clean economizer filter
  • Confirm set point of minimum position for fresh air dampers

    For Air Handling Equipment

    • Access and clean blower compartment
    • Measure and confirm proper supply voltage to blower motor
    • Measure and confirm proper amperage draw of blower motor
    • Confirm proper electrical connections and wiring integrity within the blower compartment
    • Confirm proper rotation of blower assembly
    • Confirm proper belt tension and alignment for belt drive equipment
    • Check and confirm blower wheel for free and balanced rotation
    • Check and confirm integrity of motor bearings and blower bearings, lubricating if required
    • Confirm tightness of mounting brackets, locking collars, and set screws
    • Clean and replace filters

    For Air Conditioning Equipment

    • Check and confirm integrity of electrical terminations and control wiring
    • Inspect cleanliness of condensing and evaporator coils
    • Inspect cleanliness of evaporator drain pan and condensate line, cleaning out if required
    • Leak check of line terminations and service valve access
    • Measure and confirm proper supply voltage and amperage draw of condenser fans and compressors
    • Measure and interpret operating pressures, temperature drops, and temperature rises of mechanical cooling equipment, confirming proper operation
    • Check and confirm proper operation and calibration of all operating controls
    • Check and confirm proper operation and calibration of all safety controls

    Do you have any questions about our air system installation and service? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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