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Dealing full-service plumbing, for almost 40 years

Leaning on the know-how of experience and leveraging the precision of technological expertise, we provide a complete range of superior plumbing services to the residential and commercial markets.

A sink with pipes visible under the counter

A Peek at the Problem

For plumbing issues that require closer examination, we offer our camera services to provide residential and commercial clients a clearer picture of their situation.

A sink with pipes visible under the counter
Water pipes and filtration system connected in house's utilities area.

Our plumbing technicians can replace and repair faucets and fixtures and provide annual certification for commercial back-flow products, as required by the Canadian Plumbing Code. We’ll also repair water, drain, and vent lines in homes and businesses and can install main drain line back-flow preventers, which some insurance companies require for home-owners.

Our scope of plumbing services also includes:

  • Installation and maintenance of food processing systems
  • Sump pit provision and installation in Saskatoon and the surrounding area
  • Supplying and installing gas lines for residential and commercial appliances, such as BBQs, dryers, radiant garage heaters, and gas ranges

Do you have any questions about our plumbing services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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