Natural Gas Heating Equipment
Access heat exchanger, visually inspect for cracks
Check gas burner(s) for scale, dust, etc. Clean if required
Expose / clean combustion blower wheel and housing. Confirm full flow of
combustion air
Confirm proper gas supply pressure, manifold pressure to burner. Adjust according
to manufacturer's nameplate data
Remove / clean ignition system, including flame sensor, ignition electrode
Check / confirm proper operation / calibration of all operating controls
Check / confirm proper operation / calibration of all safety controls
Measure temperature rise across unit, confirm the rise is within the specified range
Confirm proper draft action of venting and/or chimney
Confirm integrity of electrical terminations and control wiring
Measure / confirm proper supply voltage, and amperage draw, of electrical

Air Handling Equipment
Access / clean blower compartment
Measure / confirm proper supply voltage to blower motor
Measure / confirm proper amperage draw of the blower motor
Confirm proper electrical connections / wiring integrity within blower compartment
Confirm proper rotation of blower assembly
Confirm proper belt tension / alignment for belt drive equipment
Check / confirm blower wheel for free and balanced rotation
Check / confirm integrity of motor bearings, blower bearings. Lubricate if applicable
Confirm all mounting brackets, locking collars, set screws are tight
Clean / replace filters

Air Conditioning Equipment
Check; confirm integrity of electrical terminations and control wiring
Inspect cleanliness of condensing coil; evaporator coil
Inspect cleanliness of evaporator drain pan, condensate line. Clean out if required
Leak check line set terminations, service valve access for refrigerant leaks
Measure; confirm proper supply voltage, amperage draw of condenser fans,
Measure; interpret operating pressures, temperature drop, temperature rise of
mechanical cooling equipment. Confirm proper operation
Check; confirm proper operation; calibration of all operating controls
Check; confirm proper operation; calibration of all safety controls

Economizer Equipment
Check; confirm accuracy of enthalpy control and high limit control
Check fresh air, return air dampers for alignment, integrity
Measure; confirm proper control voltage serving the economizer
Replace; clean economizer filter
Confirm set point of minimum position for fresh air dampers'

Supply and installation of all makes of plumbing fixtures
Service and maintenance of all plumbing fixtures and drains
All types of drain cleaning equipment
Sewer camera for inspection and location of underground lines
Rough-in, ground work - complete drain, waste and venting systems
All types of installation of waterlines including pex, copper and PVC

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